Akwa Ibom Emesiere

AKWA IBOM AMESIERE(A New Dawn to Akwa Ibom: Akwa Ibom Good Morning)
Day/Time: Wednesday 8 – 9am
Producer: Mr. Francis B. Udo

Akwa Ibom Amesiere brings out the beautiful transformation in Akwa Ibom State to the public using our local dialect (Ibibio, Annang, Oron, Eket etc.)
The purpose of this segment is achieved by paying visits to the rural communities to compare their present status in comparison with what was obtained initially.
We interview people and get to see the kind of houses they live and their occupation. We explore their expectation of the Government: what they need to better their live.
We also use the programme to criticize some of the negative culture in existence that is not relevant.
Food and Dress code are also showcased. How they were , How they are today and What can be done to improve on them.
The Programme is also used to relive dormant culture and traditional displays e.g Ekpo Masquerade, Ekpe dance etc.
Akwa Ibom Amesiere is Entertaining and Captivating.
It is the Darling of AKBC TV.