AYAYA (serial drama)
TIME/DATE: Saturdays 6:30pm
FORMAT: Drama (soap opera)


Our society today is filled with misconceptions and selfish attitudes. AYAYA portrays such attributes and tries to profer suggestions to contend them and correct ill-practices like:

    Most parents sending their teens into prostitution to bread-win the family
    Most parents encouraging exams malpractice.
    Using the Church as a business venture and giving false prophecy and lots more
      Inability to be our brother’s keeper as the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer and no one is willing to assist one another


Since drama is a subtle way of communication and a lighter way of Entertaining, AYAYA uses this format to pass on her message to the world.


To highlights, expose and suggest possible ways on how to curb and control most misconceptions, ill-practices and selfish attitudes of ours.
In AYAYA some topics like the ones below are considered:

  • False Prophets
  • Female circumcision
  • Chasing shadows
  • Nemesis
  • My destiny
  • The odd world
  • Cruelties of life
  • Building Integrity