TIME/DAY: Wednesday, 1:30 – 2:00pm
PRESENTER: Sunday Umana
TARGET AUDIENCE: 7 – 12years

The philosophy of this programme focuses on testing and highlighting school children’s knowledge of English, Mathematics, Science and General Knowledge.
The programme is competitive in nature and features contest from three subjects: Mathematics, English Language, Science and General Knowledge.
The programme is presented in 3 rounds. Each round has related performances of Music or short stories to spice up the programme. At the end, the winning school is given prizes higher than the losers to encourage and boast their morale.
The programme has the following aims and objective:
1. To expose their knowledge educationally and encourage self-expression.
2. It helps them to face challenges with courage
3. It births the spirit of competition and self-attainment
4. It encourages the weak one to sit up
5. It promotes good communication