DAY/TIME: (Thursday 9 – 11am)
PRODUCER: Mr Emmanuel Ayong

The programme Focus, consist of the following segment:

Thought for the week:

This is an inspirational segment that discusses tips on how to succeed in life against all odds.


This segment focuses on the Do’s and Don’ts of every relationship.
The segment is anchored by Gladys Ukem

Facing Life’s Challenges:

This segment has to do with challenges that people face and how they overcame it. It exposes on how to make something out of nothing.

State of the Nation:

This is a domineering segment. It brings national trappings to the state. Here we deliberate on Economic Policies in the state and the country. The programme is aimed at updating the state on national concepts. To achieve this, we interview national players.
This segment is anchored by Mr. Emmanuel Ayong


This segment promotes our local entertainment stars. The Artists come on air and share their life experiences which in turn encourages younger generations to believe in themselves and develop their talent.
Attimes the artist are made to perform live or play a sound track.
This segment is anchored by Mr. Aniekan Asuquo(Alias Ani Sailor)


This segment showcases sporting activities in the State, the nation and abroad. Analysis of sporting events are made and clips are played to relive some interesting acts.
This segment is anchored by Mr John Paul Ukpong

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