Day/Time: Tuesday 9-11am
Producer: Helen Archibong.

HeartBeat is an Educative, interesting, Innovative and enlightenment programme that focuses on the following
1. Health: Here topical issues in the Health Sector within the State and National frontiers are deliberated upon. Problem areas are isolated and solutions are proffered.
2. Tourism: This segment focuses on shining the spot light on the Tourism potentials within the State. It creates investment opportunities for visitors and also expose the Tourist attractions that may have been hidden.
3. Culture: Akwa Ibom State is rich with culture. This segment highlights some of the cultural potentials that are available within the state. This cuts across:

    – The food
    – The language
    – The greetings
    – The livestyle

1. Agriculture: There are certain agricultural produce unique to the people of Akwa Ibom State. This segment focuses on such product; How it is cultivated, processed and consumed.
1. Sports: This segment focuses on sporting events: past or present. Clips of the event are played and analyzed. It covers State, National and International sporting Events.
2. Economic Issues: The economic segment highlights the state of affairs in the Economy of the nation. Inflation, recession, Scarcity and other economic variables is analyzed in this segment.
3. Entertainment: This segment features artist in different entertainment sectors: Music, Actors, Models etc. At times they are made to feature live where they show their talent or play their prerecorded tracks.
4. Politics: This segment features high level politicians. They appear in studio to discuss the state of affairs of the nation politically.
5. Education: The Education segment focuses on the Education sector of the state. Policies that affect Education is analyzed by the stakeholders.