Midweek Sports

Midweek Sports
DAY/TIME: Wednesday, 6:15 – 7pm

Midweek Sports is a magazine programme of 45minutes on channel 45 with the sole purpose of previewing weekend fixtures with a team of analysts drawn from the streets whose various backgrounds are allowed to manifest on the programme, thus influencing their views which are erroneously or correctly shared by many viewers.
The programme, like its sister, AKBC TV Sports, has a bias for local based sports, which are in line with the broad policy of AKBC and NBC.
Also produced by veteran sports writer and national vice president of SWAN, Justice Udousoro, The programme has not only impacted on decisions of coaches and athletes in the state and south-south, but has produced budding talents in sports commentary and public presentations.
The programme has a wide followership as evidenced in the calls that come to the programme. Recently, a sports writer on Rivers State, Martins, has consistently been a viewer/caller participant on every episode while eminent sports figures like Paul Bassey uses it as a medium for ventilating their views in sports matters.
The News segment gives information which the panel later discusses and offers greater insight into why such matters occurred.