Muhammad Ali is dead

The world on June 3 2016, received with Shock the news of the death of the legendary boxer and activist, Muhammad Ali.
Ali died at the age 74 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
The three-time World Champion was admitted to hospital earlier in the week with a respiratory condition, having suffered from Parkinson’s disease for thirty-two years.
Ali will be remembered not only as a talented boxer who won three Heavyweight World titles but also as a skilled poet on the microphone and as a man who fought for what he thought was right.
Mohammad Ali will be laid to rest on Friday June 10, 2016, and about fifteen thousand people are expected to attend the funeral at Freedom Hall, Louisville, USA, after a procession through the streets of the boxer’s home town.

AKBC Television will relay live the proceedings of the funeral on Friday from seven o’clock in the evening.

Our correspondent went to town to get the views of boxing enthusiasts and others who knew him.

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