My Root, My Pride

My Roots My Pride
PROGRAMME FORMAT: Documentary/feature
TARGET AUDIENCE: Youths resident in cities
SECONDARY AUDIENCE: Akwa Ibom residents and visitors
DURATION: 30 minutes
AIRTIME: Tuesdays – 1.00 pm
CONCEPT: Comfort Umanah
PRODUCER: Elsie Udofia

The programme My Roots My Pride was designed to bring to focus Akwa Ibom villages, especially those with peculiar and unique features, so that our people especially the youths may discover the villages even without visiting them, know that life still ticks in the villages and that our forebears had values and norms which guarded their operations and co-existence.

The objectives of the programme is as follows:
i) To promote the rich cultural heritage of Akwa Ibom
ii) To enable our youths to learn and imbibe our cultural values
iii) To stem rural-urban migration
iv) To introduce Akwa Ibom villages to its citizens, residents and visitors
v) To show how our villages are administered for discipline and unity
vi) To promote greater understanding among Akwa Ibom people, despite the ethnic groupings