Recharge With Heroes

Recharge With Heroes
PROGRAMME FORMAT: Talk show (interviews and art of public speaking/debate)
SECONDARY AUDIENCE: Parents/Guardians and government
AIRTIME: Tuesdays, 2pm — 3pm
CONCEPT: Otu DonDaniels, President ICE TV
PRODUCER: Elsie Udofia

Recharge With Heroes is an offshoot of a media youth conference held in April, 2013. It is our desire to produce a vibrant youth for a better Akwa Ibom and by extension Nigeria. Recharge with Heroes is a youth mentoring programme where achievers and people who have impacted on the society are featured to talk about their life experiences — the story before the glory. This would excite and charge up the youths to embrace a positive outlook and aim towards actualizing their potentials in life.
The following are the objectives of this programme
i) To promote the spirit of keen competition among youths
ii) To promote team spirit and comradeship
iii) To show that there is reward for hardwork
iv) To encourage parents and guardians to live by example and guard the youths effectively
v) To encourage the youths to shun negative peer pressure and imbibe positive friendship
vi) To show that determination and hardwork pays
vii) To encourage self expression and art of public speaking