Roll Back Malaria workshop

A workshop aimed at ensuring that all pregnant women in Nigeria are protected from malaria has ended in Uyo.
The workshop organized by the Akwa Ibom State Malaria Elimination Programme in collaboration with Roll Back Malaria Partners, revised the national guidelines and strategies for prevention and control of malaria during pregnancy as well as diagnosis and treatment of malaria.
Malaria is endemic in Nigeria and poses a major health challenge to all citizens especially children under the age of five and pregnant women.
Malaria infection during pregnancy, no doubt poses substantial risk to the mother and her baby.
According to the world health organization, thirty million African women are pregnant yearly and eight point nine million women which account for thirty percent of that figure are in Nigeria.
Akwa Ibom records about three hundred thousand pregnancies every year.
It is against this backdrop that the State Malaria Elimination Programme in partnership with WHO, UNICEF, USAID among others came up with the dissemination workshop to revived the national guidelines and strategy for the prevention and control of malaria during pregnancy.
Case Management Officer, National Malaria Elimination Programme Abuja, Dr. Nnamdi Nwaneri in his paper entitled: Burden of malaria in Nigeria; focus on parasite based diagnoses and malaria in pregnancy said the essence of the seminar is to promote maternal health, improve an antenatal care encourage the use of long lasting insecticidal treated nets as well as intermittent preventive treatment.

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