The Woman

TIME/DAY: Tuesday, 6:00 – 7:00pm
PRODUCER: Magdalene Udokang
PRESENTER: Mercy Ekere

The Woman is a magazine programme that seeks to create total and complete awareness in women. It also tries to showcase womanhood and profers solutions to problems affecting women. It seeks to boost women’s morale and self-esteem.
The programme consist of the following segment:
1. Drama
2. Discussion
3. Vox Pop
4. Feature Excerpts/Short Documentary
5. Entertainment
6. Tips on Issues
The programme seeks to deliberate on such topics as:

    Skin bleaching
    The career woman and how to care
    The role of a woman in a successful marriage
    Effects of domestic violence
    Women and Talking
    Wives and lateness to events
    Family cuisines
    House Keeping
    Women and Dressing
    How to handle menopause
    Women in business
    The mother’s role in child upbringing
    Family budget

And lots of interesting topics that no woman can afford to miss.