TIME/DAY: Thursday, 5:15 – 6:00pm
PRODUCER: Mary Essien
TARGET AUDIENCE: Children and Adult

The programme Tinkinik is designed to discover and channel the artistic and creative potentials in children from 5 to 15yars and their expression and communication abilities in vernacular.
The programme features:
1. Songs
2. Stories
3. Drama
4. Rhymes
5. Dance
6. Recitation
7. Learning
8. Excursions
9. Interviews with personalities
The production of this programme is done in a school environment where there is direct contact with the children.
Some of the topics that have been discussed on Tinkinik are:

  • Animals and their usage
  • Ibibio names and meaning
  • Ethics of life
  • Mannerisms and respect
  • Dressing
  • Church and giving
  • Television and late night movies
  • Foods: Modern and Ancient
  • The total child
  • Examination malpractice and remedies