Young Minds

TIME/DAY: Monday, 6:00 – 7:00pm
TARGET AUDIENCE: 5 – 12years

The programme Young Minds deals with issues that affects, bothers and applies to the child.
The philosophy is

    To get the child informed, educated and entertained.
    To make the child bold to speak wherever
    To get the child to be self-aware of the environment and the world around them.

The programme consists of the following segment:
1. Discussion: In this segment, children are asked certain questions to expose what like or dislike. Their answers become a lesson to the Parents who may never have imagined what could go on in the mind of that innocent kid.
2. Story Telling: Here the kids are taken somewhere: a rural area or the residence of a historian. They are told stories and exposed to cultures they never knew.
3. Teaching/Instructional: This segment covers awareness campaign for diseases like Ebola, How to do certain things well etc.
4. Play let: In this segment, a simple script is acted to pass a manage to the kids.
5. Dance: This is one segment that exposes the hidden dance steps. Music is played and the kids are ushered to the dance floor.
6. Short poems/recitations:
7. Song
This programme has brought us to one conclusion, that the child at home is different from the child outside.
By watching this programme you get to know what goes on in the mind of a child, the little things you do that they note and never forget.